I’m going to Japan on the 31st August to do my dissertation research, and feel the need to establish somewhere to act as an outlet for my excitement and random awestruck squawking once there. Take that as an advance warning.

I’m going to (with any luck) interview young japanese people getting tattoos in the Amerika-mura area of Osaka; I want to find out if their tattoos are in a Western style or applied in a more Western manner (given that they are done using tattoo machines) as compared to the traditional tattoo practice which has a long association with Japanese organised crime, is done in a particular style (all over the body or large areas of it, following its contours) and uses an old method involving rows of hideously scary needles on the end of bamboo sticks. Via this blog I’ll let you know how it all goes – I’m currently terrified of the whole thing, being such a big ambitious project (I curse myself and my stubbornness sometimes).




One Response to “konnichiwa”

  1. Wormie Says:

    This is going to be SUCH an exciting project Meggle! And that photo is –awe inspiring– … 😛 Big love! xxx

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