Update on yesterday – crazy aggressive toilets

Forgot to mention that we finally dared to try the bizarre buttons on japanese toilets. It was terrifying: I chose the “spray” button and Katie tested “bidet”. Mine was such a bad choice: a strange rod slowly extended beneath me and shot a violent jet of water at me. Naturally, I screamed. I’m not sure why anyone would choose to soak themselves like that… When I showed Katie it managed to spray so violently that it almost got us in the face and I for one was soaked down my right side and had to dry off under the handdryer. We made quite a scene screaming and laughing hysterically, very embarrassing. The bidet was a more gentle, ladylike spray, according to Katie. We didn’t dare attempt to test it again…


One Response to “Update on yesterday – crazy aggressive toilets”

  1. the water spray went about 10 foot out of the loo, and right out of the door of the cubicle, it was so funny.

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