Tea ceremony, imperial palace gardens, tacky photobooths

Today we ran through a sleazy/weird and loud arcade, went to learn the art of the casual tea ceremony (not casual at all and fairly stressful but very fun), walked through some of the Imperial Palace gardens and took silly photos in several crazy tacky Japanese photobooths. I then had a nice wander around downtown at night before hanging out in a riverside starbucks (sorry sorry sorry) which was actually one of the nicest starbucks’ I’ve been in with a river-view balcony, before heading home on the Keihan underground train line.

We also went to some traditional shops and I bought some washi (lovely origami paper), matcha tea (powdered green tea), an antique Japanese painting, and bookmark.

Sorry this is brief, I’m pretty tired!

Photos (I think it’s put the photos in backwards..)

the nicest starbucks ever and downtown lights; plastic crap/crepes; my name in lights; gran-pie? Watch out grannies; the imperial palace gardens; a piece of yum sushi I dropped on the floor 😦 ; a skanky cafe which hadn’t changed since the 1970s with net curtains; dressed (modest?) ancestors; Stone foxes at a shrine- foxes are seen as mysterious sacred creatures that can “possess” people by entering their bodies by getting in under the fingernails


One Response to “Tea ceremony, imperial palace gardens, tacky photobooths”

  1. Joanna Says:

    eeeee, yellow sign = cutest sign ever!

    I had my first sushi last week at Yo Sushi in honour of you. I know it’s not authentic probably but I felt very adventurous for it.


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