Totally kawai Japanese photobooth; Purikura!

It made our eyes bigger and rounder automatically, it bathed us in flattering light, we could choose from a range of skin tones: pale to tanned, it squeaked at us, gave us time limits, and told us to choose between cool panther or sweet kitty; we responded with appropriately OTT Japanese poses, fake demented grins and hysterical squeals. We then got to edit the photos by drawing and stamping all over them with gaudy colours and squiggles and stars and x100 cute stuff. Like a musical rainbow strawberry flavoured cardiac arrest.

Sorry they’re rubbish quality, will have to scan them in when I get home.


One Response to “Totally kawai Japanese photobooth; Purikura!”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Awesome photobooth, OMG YAY I JUST LOOKED OUT THE WINDOW AND SAW A HEDGEHOG AND THEN I WENT OUT AND THERE WERE 4 CUTE LITTLE HEDGEHOGS AWWW OMG THEY’RE SO CUTE Ok too distracted to type, gonna go take photos of my new hedgy friends yayyyyyy

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