A note for violent snorers

Please, please please try not to stay in dorm rooms. Here’s an excerpt of an email I sent about last night’s sleep:

“…and then it all got worse, because some fat hairy lump bashed into the room at 3.30am, woke everyone up, and then proceeded to do the most horrible snores I’ve EVER heard. I decided, with my pillow over my head, my earplugs in, and gritting my teeth, that it was like an elephant in chains pulling five bags of rusty scrap metal and three heavy doors over some jagged rocks…struggling through a mucus-y wind. Truly utterly disgusting and made me want to hit him over the head really hard with something”.

A bit shocked at how violent I was feeling last night but being unable to sleep sends me into sleep RAGE. I feel really bad because the man in question is actually really polite and nice when awake. Damn that snore.


One Response to “A note for violent snorers”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Haha oh dear. Worse than pukey room with dormies sexing as we slept? Perhaps not in theory, but in practice the snorer sounds even more disruptive…

    Hope things improve

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